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Bootcamp Day 2

I got a new computer… so today I am working on getting my text editor software set up with my github linked. If i have time I will work on my classes.

Done! With time to spare!

Section 1, Lecture 4
This is the only course I will ever need to learn web development.

94% of graduates get web developer jobs

does this include the online?

Is PHP dead?
oh, it is in decline.

main focuses on NodeJS & JavaScript

NodeJS one the best routes to success. I guess we will see with some time if this is true.

This program is always updating which is cool some of the other Udemy classes I have taken were really old and out of date.

Section 1, Lecture 5

Section 1, Lecture 6

Section 1, Lecture 7

Section 1, Lecture 8
google chrome and dev tools

sections 1, Lecture 9
so in part of the syllabus discussion he talks about half way through there is a jump from front end to back end. We will see if i cam make it through this. I have always loved the front-end.

9,984:56 Left / 15:04 Done


Bootcamp Day 1

wow 332 Lectures

43 hours of video

Section 1, Lecture 1
Code Sharing
JS Bin
Github Gists
cloud 9


section 1, lecture 2

section 1, lecture 3
General Chat
code talk
job talk

ok I joined all the chat rooms

9,985:38 Left / 14:22 Done

Change of Venue…

I feel like i am breezing through this JS on w3school. I think I have gotten all I can out of it right now so I am going to do something different. I have gotten 4 couses on I have only really worked on one of the classes. I am going to start with

The Web Developer Bootcamp
It has been on sale for 10 dollars so I bought it last month. I am going to see if it is any good. It has gotten good reviews.

9,985:46 Left / 14:14 Done

JavaScript 15

w3schools – Javascript Performance

w3schools – JavaScript Reserved words

w3schools – Javascript versions

w3schools – JavaScript JSON
JavaScript Object Notation

w3schools – Javascript Forms

w3schools – JavaScript Validation API

w3schools – JavaScript Object Properties

w3schools – JavaScript Object Methods
methodName : function(){code lines}

w3schools – JavaScript Object Prototypes

w3schools – JavaScript Function Definitions

w3schools – JavaScript Funtion Parameters

w3schools – Javascript Function Invocation

w3schools – JavaScript Closure

9,985:50 Left / 14:10 Done

Saturday Site I Like

I love the color usage. It is a very responsive.

9,986:11 Left / 13:49 Done

JavaScript 14

w3schools – Javascript Hoisting

w3schools – Javascript Use Strict
Strict Mode
makes it easier to write “secure” JavaScript
it doesn’t allow bad syntax
reserved keywords in strict mode

w3schools – JavaScript Style Guide + Coding Conventions
Spaces around operators
4 spaces for indentation
end simple statements with ;
line length < 80
use consistant naming conventions

w3schools – JavaScript Best Practices
global variables

w3schools – JavaScript Common Mistakes

9,986:01 Left / 13:59 Done

JavaScript 13

w3schools Р Javascript Type Conversion
Number() Converts to a Number
string() converts to a string
Boolean() converts to a boolean

5 different Data types

3 types of objects

2 Data Types

w3schools – bitwise operations

w3schools – Javascript regular expressions

w3schools – JavaScript Errors – Throw and Try to catch

w3schools – Debugging

9,986:21 Left / 13:39 Done

JavaScript 12

w3schools – JavaScript while Loop
while (condition){
code block to be executed

code to be executed}
exercises 1-5

w3schools – JavaScript Break and Continue

Break jumps out
continue Jumps Over

exercies 1-5

9,986:31 Left / 13:29 Done

JavaScript 11

w3schools – JavaScript Switch Statements
exercises 1-4

w3schools – Javascript for loop
Kinds of loops

  • for- loops through a block of code
  • for/in – loops through properties of an object
  • while – loops through a block of code while true
  • do/while – also loops while true

for (statement 1; statement 2; statement3){
code block to be executed

for/in loop
exercises 1-6

9,986:44 Left / 13:16 Done

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