I got a new computer… so today I am working on getting my text editor software set up with my github linked. If i have time I will work on my classes.

Done! With time to spare!

Section 1, Lecture 4
This is the only course I will ever need to learn web development.

94% of graduates get web developer jobs

does this include the online?

Is PHP dead?
oh, it is in decline.

main focuses on NodeJS & JavaScript

NodeJS one the best routes to success. I guess we will see with some time if this is true.

This program is always updating which is cool some of the other Udemy classes I have taken were really old and out of date.

Section 1, Lecture 5

Section 1, Lecture 6

Section 1, Lecture 7

Section 1, Lecture 8
google chrome and dev tools

sections 1, Lecture 9
so in part of the syllabus discussion he talks about half way through there is a jump from front end to back end. We will see if i cam make it through this. I have always loved the front-end.

9,984:56 Left / 15:04 Done