w3schools – HTML Input Attributes
exercises 1-4


w3schools HTML5 Introduction!
New Elements

Semantic Elements <header><footer><article>and <section>

attributes of form elements

graphic elements <svg> <canvas>
I am looking forward to learning more about theses.

multimedia <audio> <video>

w3schools – HTML5 Browser Support

HTML5 New Elements

HTML5 Semantic Elements

HTML5 Migration

HTML5 Style guide and coding conventions

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″>

w3schools.com – HTML5 Canvas
<canvas> – YAY!

Okay just an overview I will learn more in when I do the HTML Graphics section.

w3schools.com – HTML5 SVG
svg – scalable vector graphics

svg vs. canvas
svg describes 2D graphics in XML
canvas draws 2D graphics on the fly with JavaScript

w3schools.com – HTML Google Maps

w3schools.com – HTML Multimedia

w3schools.com – HTML Video

w3schools.com – HTML5 Audio

w3schools.com – HTML Plug-ins

w3schools.com – HTML Youtube Videos

w3schools.com – HTML5 Geolocation

w3schools.com – HTML5 Drag and Drop

w3schools.com – HTML Local Storage

I really miss the exercises. I am reading all of this information… I hope it sinks in. I really do learn better with exercises

w3schools.com – HTML5 Application Cache

w3schools.com – HTML5 Web Workers

w3schools.com HTML5 Server-sent Events


not bad I got 37 out of 40.

I wonder how much the w3schools certification matters. It is $95… I think I will just stick to the free learning right now.

9996:00 Left / 4:00 Done