I am starting at the with w3schools.com with HTML. I know this is a the basic and the very beginning. But I figure it is going to be good place to start and I can figure out where to go from there. I know a lot of HTML from school and previous classes I have taken. This is going to be a lot of review for me.

w3schools.com – HTML Introduction

HTML = Hyper Test Mark up language

Basic Tags of HTML
<!DOCTYPE html>

closing tags
<tagname> Content </tagname>

most tags come in pairs

HTML5 – started in 2014
I find this one interesting because last year I took a basic JavaScript class on Udemy. I thought it was interested because the class actually said that I didn’t need to learn about HTML5 because it wouldn’t be something that would be used in years.

w3schools.com – HTML Editors
I have been using UEStudio for editing.

w3schools.com – HTML Basics
<h1> to <h6>
Biggest to smallest

<a href = “…”> </a>

<img src=”…” alt=”…” width”…” height=”…”>

w3schools.com – HTML Elements
Write my tags all in lowercase to keep them clean.

w3schools.com – HTML Attributes
<html lang=”en-us”>

Does the language help when the browser translates? The answer I found is yes the lang tag is used by browsers to translate. What I found that is interesting is that if you use it in the span or div tag you can display more than one language on your web page.

<p title=”tooltip”>
When you mouse over this you will get this info.

alt and lang also help the screen readers.

HTML Attributes exercises 1-5

w3schools.com – HTML Headings
<hr> = line it stands for horizontal rule

heading exercises 1-4

w3school – HTML Paragraphs
<br> = line break

<pre> </pre> I really like learning this one. It preserves both the spacing and the line breaks.

exercises 1-4

w3schools.com – HTML Styles
<tagname style=”property:value;”>

exercises 1-6

w3schools.com – HTML Text Formatting
exercises 1-5

w3schools.com – HTML Quotation and Citation Elements
exercises 1-4

w3schools.com – HTML computercode
<code> this might come in handy for this blog to keeps the formatting of the code like the <pre> tag

exercises 1-3

w3schools.com – HTML Comments
<!– This is a comment –>

exercises 1-2

wschools.com – HTML Colors

w3schools.com – HTML Styles – CSS

w3schools.com – HTML Links
exercises 1-5

w3schools.com – HTML images
exercises 1-6

w3schools.com – HTML Tables
I am a little rusty on my tables haven’t done them in a while.

w3schools.com – HTML Lists
ordered – numbered
unordered – bulleted


description lists
<dt></dt> term
<dd></dd> description

exercises 1-6

9,998:02 Left / 1:58 Done