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Bootcamp Day 9

Section 3, Lecture 18
HTML List Assignments

Section 3, Lecture 19

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Site I like

Adobe Color wheel

Most Saturday’s I have been going for interesting site designs. But today I thought I would share something that might inspire fun designs. It is the adobe color wheel. This is just fun to play with it can help to inspire the perfect palette for your design.

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Bootcamp 8

Section 3, Lecture 16 Continued
<b>   [symantec Mark up]
<b>  <strong>
<i>   <em>

separate styling from our structure

Section 3, Lecture 17 – HTML Lists
ordered – numbered <ol><li></li></ol>
unordered – bullets <ul><li></li></ul>
list item – <li>

nesting… when you nest you have to close tags. I like to open and close tags at the same time. That way you don’t forget to close them.

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Freelance / Bootcamp 7

Section 3, Lecture 15 Continued…
Comments are important large projects can get confusing

Title helps with search engine optimization

Section 3, Lecture 16
h1 – is larger than h2
h6 is the smallest

block element always has it’s own line
<p> – paragraph

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Bootcamp day 6

Section 3, Lecture 15
HTML Boilerplate and comments

The art of googling. Everyone googles


one head
one body

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Bootcamp Day 5

Section 3, Lecture 12
Follow the rules
know my tags
closing vs self closing
small project

section 3, Lecture 13
MDN – Mozilla Developer Network this looks to be a really good resource.
<tagname> Some Content </tagname>
no more <b> tag you should now use <strong></strong>

section 3, Lecture 14
Introdution to MDN

Section 3, Lecture 15

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Bootcamp Day 4

Section 2, Lecture 10

Section 2, Lecture 11
The Front-end holy trinity
Everything else makes the site dynamic

HTML – Hyper Text Mark-up Language
Defines Structure

CSS – Cascading Style Sheets
makes it all pretty

Logic + interactivity

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Saturday Site I like

I really like the drawings. I think it is a unique touch.

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Freelance/Bootcamp Day 3

Section 2, Lecture 9 continued.

intro to the internet…

This bootcamp is really starting at the basics. It is nice he isn’t assuming we know anything. But man I know most of this.

the internet is requests and responses. We watched a pretty nice video on this. But it left out the fact that a lot of companies have their information on servers that are closer to you then having to go all the way across the globe. So if you are living in London and want info from a company in New York… The information is probably coming from a server in Europe not from the company all the way back in New York.

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